Alison: "Ew! You just got your mouth water on me!"
Caroline: "Oops, sorry."
by Am0o0ney April 25, 2009
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A step beyond mouth-watering. Something is so desirable that it is literally mouth water.

A noun used to refer to something extremely good. Typically used to refer to non-food items or ideas.

Used in a similar way to "fire" i.e. 'that shit is fire.'
(1) 'Steph Curry's jump shot is mouth water"

(2) 'that ass is mouth water'

(3) 'The latest draft of the financial plan is mouth water'
by derpmaster March 31, 2021
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Someone who mouth runs like water. They always go something to say or always telling someone business they just keep talking and talking. And it can also be used as someone who doesn’t know how to shut up they always talk talk talk
Can you shut up damn you always running that mouth fucking water mouth your mouth run like the water always running
by Haskbya September 27, 2020
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When you are about to throw up and your mouth waters an excessive amount.
She saw him puke and started getting water mouth herself.
by xblackra1nx March 10, 2017
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This is a very poisonous snake. Cross between a copperhead,cottonmouth, water moccasin, and rattle snake
The bite from a copper mouthed water rattler is near instantaneous
by odiewan April 9, 2016
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