The act of spending time with your friends.
Damn I miss you missed y'all so much lets suck toes.
by H0t ch0colate March 11, 2019
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The act of a man SUCKING a woman's toes in a sexual manner
by Ubro July 21, 2019
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Basically it's when someone shoves their toe down your throat usually if one has a toe or foot fetish they'd enjoy this and use in a sexual/seducing way. I however think it's disgusting and use I as an insult when people annoy me by simply telling them to suck my toe
He looked her in the eyes he was so turned on just by her bare feet simply laying across his lap and now growing erection, she saw his list filled eyes and knew what he wanted. She have him permission through eye contact and he lifted her foot bringing her big toe to his lips where he sucked it hard savouring the corns and crust in his mouth the flavours dancing on his tongue~suck toe
by Mrs.Hemmings June 16, 2014
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Someone who likes to have sexual intercourse with dead bodies and sucking on there toes.
"oh did you hear the other day Oliver is a necrophiliac sucking toes which means be has sex with a dead body I also found out he sucks there toes dead or alive"
by Oliver bregazzi December 28, 2022
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Someone who enjoys having sex with dead bodies while sucking in there toes
"did you hear that Oliver is a necrophiliac sucking toes it's means he likes having sex with dead bodies while sucking on there toes"
by Oliver bregazzi December 29, 2022
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he will suck all the toes, keep your children hidden and wives safe, because hes coming, and coming for thoes TOES. AHHHH YES TOESSSSS
LLoyd LLoyd Suck Toes how are you doing today?

Sucking toes like the usuall LULULULULULUULUl LMFAOOOO LMAO
by tomas t December 23, 2020
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