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Ellie Parks's amazing bearded dragon, who is super pretty. Her favorite food is strawberries, watermelon, and mealworms. She loves to chill, watch TV, or play Minecraft with you.
Person 1: Are bearded dragons nice?
Person 2: Hell yeah! Just go ask Ellie, about her bearded dragon, Ezzie (Ezmeralda)!
by hatchet-wielding nerd March 6, 2020
A sleek brass instrument that requires focus and determination to play. Made in Germany but after a misinterpretation of the F in the F horn, it has since been called the French horn. Its proper name is just Horn. To become good at the Horn, players must dedicate lots of time to master the air control and embouchure. The single horn has 3 keys, and the double has 4, including a trigger. It's not very well known. True professional hornists can play every single note just from air control, without the keys. They can also play 6 octaves! One of the hardest brass instruments to play. It also has the smallest mouthpiece in brass. Best instrument ever!!!
Imran: Hey, Ellie, why didn't you bring your French Horn mouthpiece?
Ellie: Oh no! It's so small, it must've fallen out of my case!
Jadyn: At least now our ears will stop bleeding from how loud you play.
Ellie: *glares*
Imran: Haha. French horn is the best!
by hatchet-wielding nerd March 12, 2020
the way a player applies their mouth on the mouthpiece or reed on an instrument, either brass or wind
by hatchet-wielding nerd March 12, 2020
steve, ellie parks's mangled umbrella that she hung in her hair.
ellie parks: do you like steve, my mangled umbrella?
person: ya
by hatchet-wielding nerd March 11, 2020