Sitting there for 30 min while the teacher speaks in a language that you don't understand, until she finally hands out a worksheet that is ridiculously hard because of its lack of clear direction. Its almost asking for the students to use google translate, but the teacher wants you to use "word reference", even though every time I open it it tells me I've won a thousand dollar gift card for fucking Walmart(which is a fucking scam). The only reason anyone really takes french is so they can get that language credit for college. Most of the time I don't know when the tests are or what they are on. That class feels like an eternity, I'd rather just lie in the ground and dry out in the hot sun like a beached whale.
FML bro i have French Class next hour. Frick,

*looks up how to fake a siezure
by HammerToenail May 16, 2019
Yay it’s French Class! Time to get some sleep
by Kullackmyass April 30, 2019
The time of the day where you lounge in your chair thinking about going home. You never manage to get free time, but when you do it’s the last two minutes of the class. You and your friends sit together at the same table. One Asian kid, a European, at least one American, and a pair of twins. When you forget to do your homework, the teacher never gets after you.
Person 1: Hey, what’s your next class?
Person 2: French class...
by FrenchyBoi January 27, 2019
the worst 60 minutes of your day/life.
just saying, french class made me make animal sounds today. ughh!
by clairebear12 January 24, 2009
noun: What the devil shat from his ass, rolled up into a ball, pissed on, and gave to high school classes so that we could be tortured by the devil's spawn "french teachers"
Im going to french class to get fucked in the ass.
by ihatefrenchclass April 24, 2011
-loving your teacher
-looking up cuss words

-the only class you care about
-do you have a pencil?
-the teacher saying French words really fast to confuse you (especially during reciting words)

-messing up and calling your teacher Ms./Mrs. instead of Mme.

-Is this the real life? Or do I just love French?
*teacher says a bunch of crap*
You- ah French Class...
by French10101 February 15, 2014