Mainly in reference to smoking weed. To stop and save what you have left for later.
Dude, I'm high as shit. Let's freeze it.
by JumpingSag July 16, 2010
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Froze but like for people who forget froze was a word...
“yeah is it bad that my brain freezed up at the beginning”
“What the heck”
by Akumatized_is_a_word April 19, 2021
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1) To stop moving.

2) Slang for cocaine.
1) FREEZE! Drop your pants and grab your toes. I'm gonna show you where the wild goose goes.

2) Steve got himself out of a sticky situation by telling the cop that his bag of freeze was actually a bag of flour he was bringing to his grandma to help her bake some cookies.
by Nick D February 25, 2004
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When your face goes numb after doing cocaine.
"He's got the freeze."
by Mark December 1, 2004
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In technological terms, the event of a device, program, etc failing to respond to your actions, usually due to an error.
Freeze Example: As I was typing the final words of my college essay, Microsoft Word froze forcing me to close it and I lost all of my progress.
by rfrsiopgjdog January 12, 2015
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adjective derived from the historic Face Squad emperors describing someone or something that is sickeningly fly. Looking G'd up. The opposite of southworth.
Damn son, that polo is way freez!
by Tom Cruise April 14, 2005
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Freezing is a manhwa currently being released on a bi-monthly basis in Japan's Comic Valkyrie magazine. It is written by Korean author Dall-Young Lim and illustrated by Kwang-Hyun Kim. The premise (nominally) centers on humanity's efforts to combat alien invaders from another dimension by creating female warriors known as Pandora and pairing them with male Limiter partners (as if the intent of this wasn't obvious enough).

Freezing is considered by many not just the Outskirts battle dome to be made of fail. This is mainly due to heavy amounts of fan service, lack of very original or deep characters, and other nonsensical mediocrities that crop up on many occasions in the manhwa. Seriously its godawful, like a more "ecchi" version of Claymore, while it almost parodies itself by trying to be serious with its uh, plot.

Yes this definition is rippoff from the mentioned wiki because it's that bad and only a fan boy in denial would disagree.
"Freezing is a blatant ripoff of superior anime, such as Claymore, Sekirei, and Mai-Otome. But is Made of fail compared to any of them"
by Burn Mar-a-Lago August 13, 2012
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