Someone who gives no fucks about what they're doing, no planning or scheduling, just riding around doing anything they please.
Three free riders showed up at Joe's crib for a quick pick up at 4 AM, to later go egg a house and hit up Wawa.
by Medplayz May 27, 2015
A political label for an “ungrateful” citizen who selfishly voted for the opposition to ensure that there are some checks and balances for the ruling party, because they know that the previous government would win again, as the majority of voters trusted them for their decades-long competency and efficiency.
Singapore’s Prime Minister cheekily remarked that those who didn’t vote for his party are “free riders,” who just want to enjoy the best of both worlds: enjoying the financial goodies given out by the government while expecting the opposition to expose any unlucky MPs or ministers who are caught in some unethical or immoral activities like corruption, nepotism, and adultery.
by Covido September 5, 2020
A male who thinks he can pimp females at will, but does not get any ladies whatsoever.
by Chris October 13, 2004
Someone who obtains something without effort or cost.... Really? Really? ☝️ That? Why is that such a problem for you?

Hym "Why is the Free-Rider thing such a problem? If I don't need to expend a lot of effort to obtain something; why should I be compelled to do so? You know, their is this meme that is a clip from an anime that I haven't seen and there is this character (likely the protagonist) who says 'I don't know why everyone hates lazy people so much... We didn't even do anything.' And I can relate to that. Is that what this is? It's too easy for me and needs to be made arbitrarily difficult? Why? Why be an obstacle? And how are you going to meditate that process? Like, it was too easy for 'Catch me outside girl' to become famous. All she had to do was tell Dr. Phil and her mother to go fuck themselves. Bam! Free-Rider. Has a rap career that is predicated on her initial unearned fame. A million dollars. And what constitutes 'effort?' I don't know that I could explicitly write dialogue for a show if I tried but I can write dialogue in relationship to a topic and the dialogue is broadly applicable and can, therefore, be used in a variety of different settings. There is no reason for me not to be credited and, in a just world, I could be paid for it. Just because I'm not in the right place at the right time or I don't have the means to do something does not mean that I shouldn't be credited for my contribution.
And that's another problem if have with you 'I put myself in a position to be here' types. Did you? Did you really? I'm sure some people did but does your outcome DIRECTLY coincide with your INITIAL plan for success? If the answer is 'No' then, no. You didn't set yourself up for anything. If your plan was to be the world's best carpenter and you somehow end up being the most famous K-pop singer AND you are surprised by your our success; you did not set yourself up for anything. You were 'working hard' and then some stuff happened. And now you are doing a thing that makes more money than your initial plan, is objectively less difficult than your previous endeavors, and you have the fame to go along with it. That isn't setting yourself up. There is a disconnect between the hard work and your outcome and, shit, how to I put this?.... What you're doing is obfuscating the relationship between the former and the latter through a sort of conceptual slight of hand. For example:

Intended outcome

Hard work-------Neutral/Perpetual/Failure


Unexpected outcome
Where do you fall? 👆 Here is not what the words 'Setting myself up for success' mean. So, what constitutes a free-rider?"
by Hym Iam August 5, 2022