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Someone able to open a safe without the combination. A safe cracker.
If we're going to get the loot out of that state-of-the-art safe, we're going to need a top-notch box man.
by KevintheOH September 12, 2006
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Boxman is an invention by smosh on youtube where a man is a box. There are several videos about his, one of the most hilarious is 'Boxman has a girlfriend'
Whoa! Is that Boxman and his new gf??!!
by hannahHORROR July 10, 2008
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To be as great as the one and only Box Man! Perfect human being that is bajangled.
You almost do as well as the Box Man.
Wow! Don't compete with me, thats like trying to compete with Jesus or Box Man.
by Sonja Box Girl April 29, 2006
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A term used to define a male period- when a man somehow bleeds by his penis if it were to get cut.
Oh Dang Johnny! A BoxMan! give me some towels and bandaids, stat!
by Chris Rizice January 05, 2008
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The stable freefall position in skydiving. Often refered simply as "box".

In the boxman, the skydiver keeps his or her arms on 90 degree angle ahead, head up and body arched, and legs extended and slightly apart, with shins and feets on 90 degree angle up. The idea is to get the center of gravity as low as possible.
Finding the stable boxman position is the main purpose of the first student jumps on skydiving training curriculum.
by Susanna Viljanen July 22, 2017
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