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When you're on your period and instead of yamming a chunk of cotton up your vagine or wearing a diaper you just let your blood free flow .
"Hey girl do you need a tampon to shove up there ? " ... " No thanks I'm free bleeding and it feels great ! "
by fowlmouthedfeminist October 04, 2018
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When a woman is menstruating and chooses to not wear a tampon or pad because it's made by men. This is done by extreme feminists who think this furthers their cause. It just makes you look like a fool and shows a lack of respect for others and basic hygiene.
"Hey did you see the girl at the farmers market with the pit hair?"

"Totally dude, did you notice the blood on her legs it looks like someone stabbed her cooter with a letter opener"

"Damn free bleeders!"
by Sceptic03 April 04, 2014
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