Used when you’re confused, but you have to say it louder than you usually talk, and fast fREaDDDY
Person 1: “Ouch, that Shit HURTED
Person 2: “FREDDY?”
by Frederic’s Brother November 20, 2018
A person, place, or other object in a video game that has the capability to break the game. It is named after Glamrock Freddy from Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach.
The Freddy of this game is a cardboard cutout of a cow. It can stop the game from starting.” - Guy
by SirenFromACop November 26, 2022
1. Slang for douchebag or idiot; someone who is indecisive.

2. A sweet, sexy, freakishly tall, dark haired, gorgeous, freak who's main goal in life is to lead on girls and break their hearts and has an unusual, queer fettish for hats or beanies.
1) Girl1: Wow, he just called me a disgutingly hideous and obese platypus.
Girl2: Seriously? Dude, he called me a repulsive cactus the other day.
Girl1: OMG, what a Freddy!

2)Girl1: What's wrong, why are you crying?
Girl2: Nothing..
Girl1: Was it a Freddy who made you cry?
Girl2: Yes it was ..
by Blubberbutt69 March 10, 2012
Is a black kid that has major swag and all the girls like him, but at the same time he is a very good boyfriend, plus a great kisser. He likes girls that are athletic but a girly girl at the same time, and she has to have a beautiful smile and eyes (like hazel or brown). But she has to be smaller than him because it makes him feel tall
Freddy and ___ are so cute together. He treats her so nice, and their inside jokes are so cute.... I wish I had a boyfriend like Freddy
by Johanna Lee January 11, 2012
A Guy From sunland park who is not to be played with. Hence he does not post on his social media platforms due to previous situations
Guy1: This man Freddy been talking Crazy
Guy2: Which Freddy?
Guy1: I think he from sunland
Guy2: Don’t mess with him he crazy
by FloridaPop September 10, 2020
Freddy is a nice friend and often has a good sense of humour. He is quite annoying sometimes and has a strange hair cut, and is ginger. He doesn't have many friends, but atleast he has you!
Person 1: Is that Freddy?
Person 2: No, I think thats a carrot!
by leviable March 13, 2022