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freddi is the most amazing girl in the whole world, a person who everyone should grow to knowe and love!
James: "do you knowe freddi?"
Sean: "nah, why?"
James: "omg dude you're missing out! she's AMAZING!"
by ImzyBabe April 26, 2009
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A stunningly gorgeous girl who is extremely talented, very athletic, and has a bright personality. Her flawless looks aren't everything, because her intelligence is off the charts. Every guy want's to get with her, with that sexy bod and great looks. Be careful of her competitiveness. Don't try to beat her. Freddi is kind and caring but if you cross her get ready to take a hit.
Dammm did you see that girls ass?? she must be a freddi.
by emmie47pointe April 27, 2017
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