FreQ is the title given to your character in the music-mixing game Frequency and its sequel Amplitude. It is a unique way for the user to create an alter ego in order to identify him/herself among other freq's. It is pronounced like the word "freak". In Frequency, the freq the user created was a 2D image, but in Amplitude the freq was a 3D, interactive model.

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DJ_Cool: "My freQ is so much cooler than yours!"
WannaBefreQ: "Hey DJ, I really dig your freQ design."
Mista8Fiddy: "Yo DJ_Cool, lets see if your freQ has the skills to back up your attitude!"
by EvJamin' October 3, 2005
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Slang for 'frequency', referring to a real-time conversation taking place over a distance, with or without a video feed, using whatever carrier method suits the purpose.
“Alright, Taylor, I bet you that the timing of freq' loss is just coincidental. It’s probably some fire or hard to reach short that has them shut down. I’ll even bet that they are refreq’ed before that other patrol gets there.” - Parallel Extinction, Todd R. Stevens - soon to be published
by TigreArts November 24, 2010
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Short for friend request. Used in comments on social networking sites like MySpace by people who wish to demonstrate that they are the one who was requested. (In place of "Thanks for the add".)
Amanduhh has just accepted Bang Bang Robots with Guns' friend request.

Amanduhh on Bang Bang Robots with Guns' page: RAWR! Thxx for th freq <333
by Statuess May 5, 2008
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cum freq
is a short term for cumulative frequency according to mrs bunting but can be interpreted as an individuals obsession with spunk.
Miss.b- we are studying CUM FREQ
Class- Yay SPUNKY TIME!!
by Alexa and Aisha August 1, 2009
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1. A military term for a particular setting on a radio. Said radio cycles through various frequencies for improved security.

2. An activity often performed by members of the military upon the return from an unusually long or difficult deployment, field exercise, or mission. The activity normally includes, but is not limited to heavy drinking, and attempting to engage in sexual congress with members of the opposite sex.

also see freq hop master
1. Tank commander:Loader, set the radio for freq hop.
Loader: Roger, we're freq hopping.

2. me:Dude when we get back to the states, I'm so going Freq Hopping!
dude: Oh yeah, I'm going to be the freq hop master!
by tankboy2k January 20, 2006
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When the beat or a song makes you feel sexy, amazing, loose or free.
The Track is bringing out the freq in me.
by Kevin "BUHOO" Vargas September 16, 2019
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