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A husky shallow meat head who needs to be surrounded by a pack of carbon copies of himself to feel important. Frat fucks are immature, loud, and drunk. The only reason this trash attends college is because "gee duh, what else do I do after high school?" They often rape sorority sluts and pass along STDs.
Many frat fucks are found guilty of date rape every year.
by colonel jack mustard February 15, 2010
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Companion of the sorostitute. A fraternity member who will on any given night drink a fifth, get on any number of girls, puke in his pledge dad's garbage can, and wake up in the morning next to whatever AXO or DG he ended up with at the end of the night. He will not call the aforementioned sorostitute the next day, but will repeat the performance of the previous night. Insensitive, typical, full of STDs.
"I went to Delts last night to see Dan, and when I got there he was falling down the stairs and some dumb DG was yelling at him because he puked on her shoes. He didn't even remember my name and asked me if I gave him head because he didn't remember anything!"
"Ew, what a frat fuck!"
by Sunny December 27, 2003
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The process in which a "Frat Boy" will, in some way, get a woman passed out (see Drunk}), take her back to the Fraternity, grab a camera and begin to rape her. When she wakes up afterwards, the camera is then set to record her reaction, which is started by the "Frat Boy" screaming in her face "You have just been frat fucked! HOW DO YOU FEEL?!"
A few nights ago, Joanna was Frat Fucked. Her reaction to the question was, "Well, I at least hope YOU enjoyed that..."
by Danny Boy! December 01, 2006
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