19 definitions by Sunny

Another name for a person's critical judgement/thinking skills and mind.
"Oh my god, my son is fucked out of his gorg!"
by Sunny January 02, 2004
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Someone who has great sex and is really preppy. ALso very good looking.
by Sunny November 10, 2004
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The third dude in Rap TriO
lives in a deer park bottle
fell out during a hurricane cause sunny was a bad parent
beenzi and sunny's pet freshmen year at college
rupster rupe rupedaddy
by Sunny June 06, 2004
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To start drinking before the party so you show up having a better time than everyone else.
We pre funked in Jenna's car with a fifth of Skyy before going to Crosby's on Halloween.
by Sunny December 22, 2003
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Dirty ass borough of new york, no trains go to it, you can take ferries with drunk ass captains though. People smoke a ton of weed there but staten island weed is light green and has almost no smell coz its crap. Italians move there and wish they didnt, italian kids try to act black while, and only have one activity outside of smoking weed which is hanging out at the mall
Yo holla paisan! Lets go chill at the mall, then smoke some "weed" after that we can go on the ferry, then go home and eat some lasagna and ravioli
by Sunny April 24, 2004
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