Texas Christian University, aka The Land of Milk and Honey. TCU was recently rated No. 2 in the nation for most attractive girls among all colleges by Playboy Magazine. The definition of beautiful in the South. You can literally find a beautiful girl any time of the day on campus. The football team is also good, they are nationally ranked in the top 25 year after year, and have 2 national titles. The baseball team is also ranked consistently in the top 25 polls. California is the second most producing state in terms of students other than Texas. Mascot is the Horned Frog. Fraternities and Sororities are huge at TCU. School is mostly white but minorities get action.
"Yo man I wanna go to a school with bangin' dime pieces and greats sports, and ranked nationally for academics too"

"Then get yo ass to TCU nigga!"
by The Realest Frog May 23, 2008
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Stacy: “OMG Kim, I just met this cute guy on tinder.”
Kim: “Ob nice where dose he go to school?”
Stacy: “TCU”
Kim: “Omg drop him right now he has a tiny cock
by Manofwarhs February 29, 2020
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Texas Christian University located in Fort Worth, Texas. The Dallas/ Fort Worth are has many clubs and recreational activities. Founded in 1873. The school is ranked in the top 5% of universities in the nation. Also known for respected football and baseball programs consistently ranked in the the top 25 year after year. Ladainian Tomlinson's old stomping grounds. School is filled with beautiful whote women that love black and brown guys. Besides Texas, California, Colorado, and Illinois send in the most students. School colors are purple and white. Greek life is big on campus.
" Wow my dude, TCU has hot women, great sports, great academics. I think I found my school!"

"Ha, good luck it's hard as hell to get in!"
by ltothet October 16, 2008
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That TCU is so cool.
by ~SP~ March 25, 2021
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A ridiculously overpriced sub-par education. Almost 50k a year for a barely ranked university. Located in Fort Worth, this campus is isolated in its own little bubble. Sheltered upper middle class to wealthy children are sent here in their Range Rovers and luxury cars. In the class of 2011 (2,137) a little more than 800 of the girls rushed. Greek life is HUGE here and it plays a major part in social status on campus. Most kids who go here did not get into UT or A&M. They lure you in with the gorgeous campus and lavish amenities that are not found at other universities. Are all the furnished dorms and freshly cut rosary worth the mountains of debt after you graduate?
I think I will attend a higher ranked, much cheaper university that I can afford so I won't drown myself in TCU tuition payments until I die!
by d3vulge July 23, 2012
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Also known as the Tommyinnit Cinematic Universe. Described by Tommyinnit as when he “was madly in love with women“
The video where Tommy dated Beau was so TCU.
by bored_ December 29, 2022
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Thermal Cautery Unit- used in hospitals for reproductive sterilization in both males and females. Safer and more effective thn other techniques, it slices through your tubes with a high temperature wire.
They used a TCU to tie my tubes.
by _darB May 10, 2005
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