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1)Too coo' for schoo'.

2) Another way to say bitchin'.
3) A person who is regularly grumpy.
1) "Rebecca skipped class because she was franze."
2) "Rebecca is so franze!"
3) "Calm down Rebecca, you're being such a franze."
by Thefranzanator! March 10, 2011
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Franzes is the hottest, beautiful and kindest person in the world!! She is very passionate at all times and doesn't take shit from anyone. All though small, her personality is big and bold!!!

(Anthony is trash compared to her)
Person 1: Who is that girl?
Person 2: She's Franzes, aka the prettiest and hottest girl in town! i love Franzes!
by DianaTheBIGToe April 03, 2018
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