see spanglish

a combined language utilizing both french and english words.
Oui, je suis tired. You are bete. Je voudrais un computer.
by Jebuz April 04, 2004
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Often spoken by amateur French students in North America or tourists in France, Quebec or other French speaking regions. Speaking French with a blatant english accent (pronouncing silent H's and S's and Z's etc) throwing in a mix of english words with french suffix/prefixes.
Oo este le bathroom?
Pourrieze vouse mee passer le remote control sil vouse plate?
by sandie March 24, 2005
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is french enlgish. i used franglish quite often. franglish is when you are writting or speaking in english, but add random french words in the middle of the sentance, where they usually dont make sence, or just sound odd.
"that shirt is le hot"
"what the le feck"
"the cat is on le table de me"
"bonjour le you"

by Cori <3 May 27, 2005
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Franglish is a portmanteau of Francais and English, also known as “rap Franglais” (français), a sub-genre of Hip hop music originating from Franglish speaking countries such as France, Canada, Cameroon, which are sung or rap-sing over hardcore beats mixed in macaronic French and English.

Typical instruments are: Drum machine, Microphone, Backing track, DAW, Sampler, Loops, live Drums, Claps, Electric Guitar, Bass guitar, Piano/Keyboard/Keytar, KeyBass, Hooks/ Lyrical melodies and Harmonies, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, and Chorus and Chanted Vocals.

Key stylistic elements: MCing/rap-singing, Freestyling, DJing/scratching with turntables, .

Other elements include:
Replayed beats (Drumlines or bass lines,

Sampling, Synthesized beats and sounds effects.

Though similar to mainstream American hip hop, most Franglish Hip hop artists often focus on lifestyles, slum life, gang warfare, social pressure/ Social inequality/disparities , the drug trade and the violent lifestyles and impoverished conditions of inner-city Francophone younths.

It's played in Community radios, dance clubs and outdoor music festivals by mainly French and English speaking DJs and VJs.

A notable label of this kind of Franglish is Negre Marron Records which was founded in New York City 2018 by René Guemps
Myrtha! who woulda thought that one day Franglish Hip Hop would be this popular in Canda and Cameroon?
by NegreMarron_Records January 17, 2019
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