A word someone uses to express their homosexuality to their friends while texting on group chats.
Jon: Guys, I just wanted to say thank you for accepting me as a homosexual

Soohyun: Fr
by Dick Harlow October 4, 2020
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Person 1: "Hey bro I got 100k subscribers on yt"
Person 2: "Wait fr"
by a weem a we a weem a we eeeeee November 27, 2022
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Dude, I have so many fr on my instagram; I’m way too lazy to look thru them all smh
by shimmerdong April 11, 2018
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Jorge : did you do homework?
Alan : Nah that shit too hard
Jorge : Frs
by Serrano646 August 19, 2018
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someone - what started during 1789 may 5th?
me - fr
by HikaruMafuyu April 5, 2022
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