Jorge : did you do homework?
Alan : Nah that shit too hard
Jorge : Frs
by Serrano646 August 19, 2018
An even shorter form of 'for real.'

The seemingly new way that under 30's tend to reply to social media posts in agreement to it.

'For real!?'

Fo shizzle!
Random post on YouTube - "This is amazing!!"

Typical response from modern youth - "Fr"
by Llewelyn Dowd October 20, 2022
Commonly used as an abbreviated way to say "for real".

Usually used in texting, as many people use as many abbreviations as possible.
It can be a form of agreement towards someone, or disbelief.
If you use it as disbelief you may put a question mark to emphasize that you're asking if they're being serious.
Friend 1: "yo dawg, my crush asked me out today!"

Friend 2: "fr?"

Ex. 2: )

Friend 1: "Damn it's cold outside, we might freeze to death."

Friend 2: "yeah, fr."
by FloofityOofity12 November 19, 2019
"for real" (usually used online. And if used in real life by anyone, stay far away for them.)
Person 1: "Omg I should be doing homework but YouTube!"
Person 2: Ikr, fr.
by WorzndSuch December 15, 2015
someone - what started during 1789 may 5th?
me - fr
by HikaruMafuyu April 5, 2022