Jorge : did you do homework?
Alan : Nah that shit too hard
Jorge : Frs
by Serrano646 August 18, 2018
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Commonly used as an abbreviated way to say "for real".

Usually used in texting, as many people use as many abbreviations as possible.
It can be a form of agreement towards someone, or disbelief.
If you use it as disbelief you may put a question mark to emphasize that you're asking if they're being serious.
Friend 1: "yo dawg, my crush asked me out today!"

Friend 2: "fr?"

Ex. 2: )

Friend 1: "Damn it's cold outside, we might freeze to death."

Friend 2: "yeah, fr."
by FloofityOofity12 November 18, 2019
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"for real" (usually used online. And if used in real life by anyone, stay far away for them.)
Person 1: "Omg I should be doing homework but YouTube!"
Person 2: Ikr, fr.
by WorzndSuch December 14, 2015
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