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It can be used as a noun, verb, or classification. It's a miss calculation. If you commit an act which is FUBAR, that's a Code Forty-Six, or the offender can be called Agent Forty-Six. In other words this miscalculation has led to some sort of failure.
Two dudes are jogging in Central Park and one avoids the horse crap while the other runs thru it. He just Forty-Six'd his run.

The Pediatrician just asked an RN to give this baby Tylenol and an assistant jumped in and gave Penicillin. Agent Forty-Six strikes again.
by Finsterbaby69 June 21, 2011
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Did you use the example forty-six as the procedure for your social network?


This makes me feel safer, because forty-six is the only number I know will work for that..

Yes, I think so.


Yes, because you like this idea?

Yes. Yes, because I think this is a legitimate idea, one that I don't think I'm going to take advantage of.
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by 3wk2fd February 11, 2018
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A synonym for paradox. A popular internet joke (that many have attempted to prove) is that "there is no Forty-Six". As a result, inter-dimensional rifts are supposed to be formed.
Since there were Forty-Six ducks, there were actually no ducks.
by TheSentientFetusLives May 24, 2018
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