Furry slang that refers to a female dog's vagina due to it's similar shape to a Chinese dessert cookie. The female equivalent of a “red rocket” being used to describe a dog's penis.
Ron: Do you remember that red female dog from the movie Balto?

Bob: Yeah, I wonder how big is her fortune cookie.
Rob: Get help.
by FlyingFrog762 March 5, 2022
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Toilet paper that is stuck in your wife's ass-crack.
Last night I rolled my wife over for some booty time and saw she had a fortune cookie.
by Frank Palace June 6, 2011
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Her skirt was so short you could almost see her fortune cookie.
by P. Galore January 23, 2004
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snow bunny but for Asian girls; hard to find but lucky to have.

Asian girls that only go for 🥷🥷
Yea, she’s the only fortune cookie at our school
by boldfortune444 May 8, 2022
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A wierd looking, but somehow tasty, snack u get at a chinese resturaunt after ur meal, that whatever it says on there, you should add "in bed" at the very end of it
me:"hey mom, whats your fortune cookie say?"
mom:"you will live life a happy man....in bed"
me:"OMG LOL"
(this really happened! But I had to add the "in bed" part to make it go along with the definition)
by Ryuman757 May 18, 2008
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A small, crisp cookie served as a desert at "Chinese" Restaurants in America. It has a slip of paper on the inside with a quote, pertaining to your life, regarding life itself. The quotes tend to be very cheesy.

Fortune cookies were first invented in San Francisco, California in the early 1900's, and thus have very few true Asian roots.
Fortune cookies are just another delicious American invention.
by AtillaTheHunWasMongolian December 31, 2011
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