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Handsome young man, smart, good looking and tall. He is funny and make girls laugh at everything he says
Fortuné is also good at everything he does, especially girls.
by Botchnego December 20, 2016
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beautiful girl; good sense of style; great social media person!;Girly;cute
1.Hey man did you see that girl Fortune, shes hot!
2.Fortune is captian of the school!
3.omg!She followed me back!!!
by staceywww2 February 15, 2018
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Fortune, with a capital F, is the classical figure personifying fortune (with a lower-case F). Usually depicted as a person with a wheel full of outcomes; whatever the wheel is spun to is what happens.

(For the idea of a personified abstraction, consider Death, with a capital D, the cloaked figure with a scythe who personifies death, with a lower-case d.)
O, Fortune, how thou hast abandoned me!
by the letter d August 11, 2007
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Very nice prettt girl, has an amazing body, is your dream gf, very understanding
“Dude I saw Fortune this morning and she looked stunning” “man you shoulda asked to be her bf
by C_100 March 11, 2019
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Fortune, is a beautiful girl! She's very sweet and understanding. She gives the best advice, other then that she has and amazing sense of style. She knows her fashion trends and is right up to date! She is a shopping and makeup addict! She does makeup like a pro! She does have a tough side, if a close friend or family has problems with a person she'll confront the person and drag em!
girl; Oh my gosh Fortune liked and commented on my post!!
girl;yo do you remember when Fortune fought that girl?!
guy; Fortune is who i want to date bro
girl; Fortune is the sweetest

girl; Did you see Fortune's new post??
by staceywww2 April 16, 2019
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baddie, very cute, nice, is short, knows her way, she can get tough when she needs to, shes very active, photogenic
1' Fortune will be a model i know it
2' Fortune is famous look at this!
3' Her outfit was cute today

4' she got asked out by him!
by gennisis990 April 16, 2019
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