A word used to describe really great music. Specifically music that will have an everlasting contribution to all of society.
The fortuitiveness of that music will last forever!
by Billie1212 January 7, 2011
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She was extremely fortuitous that the assistant manager was fired, for she then gained a new job with better pay!
by tinadrummin November 16, 2005
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Onyx The Fortuitous (AKA Weird Gamer Guy, Weird Satanist Guy, Weird Arby's Guy, Weird Furry Guy, ETC.) Is a well known internet personality played by Andrew Bowser. He has his own webshow called "The Shadow Zone." He formerly lived in his mother's basement and is commonly seen drinking tiny wines.

Known catchphrases by him are "I dunno", "____ is pretty cool!" "Choke me Devil Daddy, Choke me!" "Notice me Senpai, Notice me!" "How deep does that hole go?"
by devildaddy February 4, 2018
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