a person who says one thing and does another as defined by Native Americans describing the first Illegal Aliens, the Anglo-Saxons breaking promises and treaties, with a snakes tongue for them taking their land by force with no compensation and forcing them to live in inhospitable areas like Oklahoma which Indians avoided before the advent of reservations
Chief~"Me no trust White Man, he speaks with Forked Tongue"
by Heifcliff July 18, 2008
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Bill: You pound Barbara last night George?
George: Dude, nah! She only let me go fork tongue. I feel used.
by teepau November 21, 2010
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When you go to take a slash and
the piss comes out in two streams.
I woke up the next morning and pulled
a forked tongue in her bathroom.
Let's just say, she had a lot to clean up.
by Mitchell Eagleman May 16, 2008
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To lie from the pulpit or otherwise use religion to try to get someone to trust you when you're just bu**s**tting them.
I see all of these televangelists ranting and roaring about Hellfire and damnation, but in many cases I suspect that they are merely speaking in forked tongues because they are just trying to get their viewers to donate money.
by QuacksO August 7, 2019
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