One of the better replacements for the word "fuck."
Get the fork away from me, whorebag!
by Chem December 09, 2003
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what comes up when you try and type dork into a text message.
Sally: You're such a fork!

Doug: thanks...?

Sally: whoops... meant dork
by rani_of_the_roses May 17, 2009
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a combination of the verbs to fuck and to pork. either way it means the same thing, bone dancing.
i'm a man's man, a real stone cold player from the old school. p.s. i forked your sister
by tyler"thebulldog"hernandez November 17, 2006
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- u could use it to eat -mmmm food!!!
-a nice handy weapon u could use to stab ppl with!
- or it could mean ur gonna beat someone up for ppl who don't wanna say the word fuck , "i'm gonna fork u up"
i think u ppl are smart enough to get the definition
by angelic_tears13 December 31, 2003
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