Fork knife is a nick name for fortnite and fortnite is a game filled with ttv by the ways and streamer by the way
Hey you want to play fork knife? Yeah sure jimmy jr but zeeyaboi yt by the way
by Jumpyboi January 21, 2019
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What a girl calls fortnite because she doesn’t know what it is but pretends she’s an expert
by Poon_goon_hoon May 2, 2018
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“Me pretending to know how to play fork knife to impress some guy
by icryucry May 1, 2018
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This is just a really weird way to say 'Fortnite' a hit video game available on Console and PC.
"i told my grandpa that the new fun game is called 'Fork Knife', he just ordered a Fork with a Knife attached, then asked me what to do."
by Xahlix May 24, 2018
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verb: to cut food using the side of your fork in lieu of a knife
"i had to fork-knife the shit out of my omelet to get a manageable bite."
by ThaDamage December 22, 2011
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Another name for the popular game Fortnite.

A Battle Royale game for extremely homosexual people
Guy 1: you play fork knife?
Guy 2: ya y?
Guy 3: wow! ur gay
by Cool-cookie265 May 7, 2018
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