A hand towel (20”x40”) is folded in half lengthwise (to become 10”x40”) and placed on a flat surface. A latex glove is then placed on the towel, perpendicular to the long end, slightly extending ~1” past the end. The towel is then rolled up completely around the glove. The extending 1” of the glove is then peeled back around the rolled up towel and secured with elastics to secure in place. Lube is then added to the interior of the glove and then spend 10 minutes deciding which porn flick to yank off too.
What’s this thing beside your bed?

Mom, that’s my Forever Alone Satisfier.

…your what?

Just look it up on Urban Dictionary and then leave please. Ima use it
by TheAlwaysCorrect1 December 19, 2021
The forever alone rage comic has squashed, wrinkled head with an enormous jaw and dimpled chin, and a stick figure body. He is usually depicted as crying in the final panel of a comic along with the words forever alone, used a kind of punchline after some experience of failure, rejection, or isolation in romantic relationships. For instance, one comic begins with a stick figure coming home from work and announcing, “Honey, I’m home.” The character then eats a literal jar of honey, culminating in the forever alone face with traces of honey on his lips.

The forever alone face appeared in a popular 2010 video game, Super Meat Boy, and a marketing campaign by Sony Ericsson’s Xperiathon, a solo marathon project. Interest in the phrase forever alone peaked on Google Trends in 2012—right around Valentine’s Day.

The forever alone rage comic became popular to the point that the expression forever alone took off as its own meme in the mainstream, and is often used as a hashtag or a reaction comment in social media.
Have you seen that Forever Alone meme?
by Sarah Daniels September 15, 2021