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Fucked Up Vehicle...

Well Sort Of.

It is a Fucked Up Vehicle, because it pollutes the environment, which causes an unlistable number of problems.

It is a Fucked Up Vehicle because every time some dumb bitch or bastard drives one, a child in Iraq dies (and sometimes even one in the U.S. due to decreased air quality).

It's a Fucked Up Vehicle, because it not only is dangerous to passenger cars, it is a more dangerous vehicle even for the occupants of the FUV than a passenger car.

It's a Fucked Up Vehicle, because it causes animals to die and nature to be destroyed due to having to dig up more nature to get more oil.

It's a Fucked Up Vehicle, because it causes ALL our taxes to be higher due to damage to roads from the weight of the FUVs.

It's Not a Fucked Up Vehicle, because when all the ladies see your FUV and realize how small your penis is, you won't be getting any.

It's Not a Fucked Up Vehicle, because when all the guys see your FUV and realize that you are an evil disgusting witch with warts like Ann Coulter, you won't be getting any.

Often driven by the following terrorists, idiots, small dicked loosers, stupid idiots who go off-road because they loose control of their vehicles while talking on their cell phones, and by armchair activists who think that if you put a bumper sticker of your SUV than you are an activist.
The stupid bitch was talking on her cell phone while driving her FUV and before the stupid idiot knew it she was off-roading. Well at least off-roading onto the dirt shoulder of the highway.

The small dicked looser acted suprised when his FUV flipped over and crushed his small dick.

FUV drivers who through their selfishness murder people in passenger cars should be tried as murders.
by greengirl123 November 11, 2006
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A truck for wussy men,whose dicks are the size of a 3 year old boys.

Also driven by fat retared wussy men and retarded dumb fat bitches talking on cell phones talking about how they should go to the gym one of these days while they gorge themselves on fast food. These evil assholes who put us all in danger with their looser mobiles also like to live in delusional world where they think some looser mobile makes them tough, while they can't run one block or do a set of reps with a 5lb weight.
Joe the small dicked looser was headed to the gym ,a place he had not seen in months, in his Ford F-150, until he saw a McDonalds and turned around and went their to make sure he would not have to be able to see his small dick beyond his fatty overhang.
by greengirl123 November 09, 2006
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1. A place where people are sent because they have stolen a loaf of bread to feed their families.

2. A place where people who have stolen a loaf of bread, will very infrequently run into the rich white corporate and political criminals who have murdered thousands and/or have stolen millions from people who have less than themselves. Examples: Bush Cheney Haliburton Citigroup Enron

3. A place that is occupied by a large number of harmless pot smokers.

4. A place where the corporate and political terrorists will attempt to send any liberal who opposes them.

5. A place that if there was any justice in the world would be occupied mainly by rich, white, conservatives, instead of the current occupants which are disproportionally poor and minority.
Shouldn't someone who starts bogus wars and murders thousands, including innocent children, be sentenced to prison and have the keys thrown away?
by greengirl123 October 29, 2006
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Part of a corporate terrorist operation. Citigroup is known for screwing their employees out of money on their paychecks, especially final paychecks. These sick bastards enjoy not only screwing over customers, but their own employees.
Why is my paycheck short? Oh, because I work for the terrorists at citigroup asset management.
by greengirl123 November 16, 2006
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Yet another form of overcompensation for small dicked loosers, along with the SUV and the Truck.
Driving a jeep helps me to cope with my microscopic penis. Look out ladies, I'm a small dicked idiot dumbass loser.

Me(after vomitting): Get away from me you disgusting freak, I'm going out with the guy in the little honda, toyota, etc. that just cut you and your stupid looser mobile off.
by greengirl123 October 27, 2006
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