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a place you enter when you are very high on any substance. typically too high to even comprehend reality. for example, weed, dxm, ketamine, acid, shrooms, etc.
friend: bro how was your trip
me: mane that tab put me in nigger kingdom
friend: sickkkkk brooooooo
by mellowyellowbro February 25, 2021
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45 year old man going through a midlife crisis. Lives in Florida. Has a mullet. Ex-Convict. Probably stares at the children's genitalia at the playground. Goes mudding with his 12 year old son. His wife left him because he drinks non stop and licks her without consent. Listens to Nickelback 24/7. He stands up for his country. Supports Trump. Has a confederate flag on the back of his truck and always keeps a cigarette in his mouth.
My name is Harris and I am a proud Ford F-150 owner. Father of 7, and 3 ex wives. I Love the U.S. and little girls/boys.
by mellowyellowbro October 28, 2019
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