An alternate description of holding hands which reinforces its intimate aspects. Used by individuals who are feeling smothered by their significant others.
Whenever Cyriac played finger footsie with Priya, she felt like an animal in steel trap that must gnaw its appendage off to escape.
by PBMax January 10, 2008
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Baltimore footsies is rubbing one's erect penis between another person's persons feet to the point of ejaculation.
He loves to fuck feet. That guy can play Baltimore footsies like five times a night!
by FUCK NUTT December 07, 2007
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the insertion of your foot into anothers vagina or pussy.
Dude last night this girl made me give her a Finland footsie.
by Charles Ulric & Nelson Tait November 13, 2009
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Flirting with someone at your table by secretly texting back and forth with your phone in your lap.
Hey you two, stop playing phone footsie and listen up. I have something important to tell you.
by Jimetha March 20, 2014
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Another term for foot fetish activities, especially a footjob, derived from the name of a foot fetish website, footsie tootsie.
Linda confessed to me the she liked to play footsie tootsie with guys

I'm usually very vanilla, but I have been known to indulge in footsie tootsie from time to time
by d00dd00d September 08, 2019
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a game played typically by children, where the players play tag by attempting to step on each others feet.

During the game, you can also cross your feet as a way of sitting in a safe zone
by Lofn_goddess_of_Homos August 23, 2020
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A foot job using someone’s extremely hairy feet, without using lubrication.
Honey, I’m feeling a little cold tonight. Is there anyway you can give me a fuzzy footsy before we go to bed?
by Savvy5002 December 07, 2020
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