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Pretending to like football just to be in a room of grizzly football loving men. You use this time to check out their potential chubby size, and fantasize about touching their butt holes with gardening equipment.
I'm sick of that football fag staring at my junk all the time. Why the fuck does he have gardening sheers with him?
by Sally CrapBasket August 17, 2009
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a man who likes to attack the tight end on and off the field
Did you hear that football fag got Jim in the brown eye last night?
by timmy August 06, 2004
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A faggot that plays football. Also if your name is Jacob and you play football, you are considered a gay fag
Friend 1 "Did you see Jacob tackle that guy on the game on Friday."
Friend 2 "No. He likes to touch men. He must be gay."
Football Fag: a person that plays football and likes tackling other guys.
by Hot_Nibba September 21, 2018
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A term people who are unfit and generally don't get girls call people who play football, or pretty much any sports. Usually said by people who are jealous and have nothing better to do other than counting their katanas.
Wow eugene...i heard jim got a girlfriend, what a football fag. I bet he doesn't even know all 3 super saiyans!
by overcookedleaf June 30, 2016
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