1. An awesome mind-blowing Crazy anime made by the Gainax Studio.

2. A word that can mean many things

3. A word that implies sexuality such as if some girl was hugging some dude, you could yell out Fooly Cooly
Right when someone is dancing at a dance, a boy yelled, "Fooly Cooly"
by pi squared March 23, 2005
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The greatest Japanese anime ever... only six episodes long, and used as a boring side project for it's Japanese creators, Fooly Cooly was born into our universe. Follow Noata, a twelve year old boy through his crazy life with his fagther, grandfather, and brothers girlfriend as Haruko, some ditzy alien chick interrupts his life to help destroy Medical Mechanica, an evil industry, which has taken hold of the great "Pirate King." Alot to take in, this mini-show offers sex, violence, and crazy guitar robot fights still maintains the vantage point of a pre-teenager. Great Show, You have to watch it. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will even make you a little turned on... AWESOMENESS!!!!
1: Dude, did you check out the awesome episode of Fooly Cooly last night?
2: No, they only made like 6 episodes of that show...
1: Oh, it must have been a crazy dream from all my Fooly Cooly intake, sorry to get your hopes up...
by JackalopeBaird November 28, 2009
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1. The American bastardization of the anime Furi Kuri or FLCL.

2. A Japanime dealing with the pressures of maturity and coming into adolescence from childhood. It depicts the troubles a child faces from adolescence and normal life, but through the lens of a team of extremely distorted artists and producers. It is six episodes in length.
Fooly Cooly is completely and utterly insane. Although the work of mad men, it is also symbolic genius.
by Shifty Eyed Goat August 09, 2003
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Fooly Cooly is Japanese slang for

2.Something private/an inside joke

Example 1
guy: "hey baby. Last night was fun"
girl:"yeah maybe we can fooly cooly again somtime"
guy: "hell yeah!"

Example 2
*Bad Boy walks up 2 u in the hall*
Bad Boy: "Hey man, u want some of this"

Nerd: "May I ask what the *this* u speak of refers to."

Bad Boy: "U know*.*leans in closer and hands u a small joint* "Some Fooly Cooly*

Nerd: "Hell yeah!!! I need 2 take a break from studying sometime"

*Bad Boy and Nerd then get high*
by JadeyBug March 03, 2009
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When a strange intergalactic woman makes kids sprout robots.
When Haruko showed up in the series "Fooly Cooly", Takun started to grow and sprout robots.
by Spiral Pyramids November 09, 2003
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