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Fooly cooly is a term derived from the popular anime FLCL.
The word was originally the otomotopeic sound that breasts make when they are fondled. However, during the 1st episode, the term was clearly stated by the main character's father. For all anime fans reading this, this is how fooly cooly fits into life: fooly coolying can be compared to giant robot anime. In the subject there is Gundam, Transformers, Neon Genesis, Zoids, etc. These are all simply subjects within one ENORMOUS (and I do mean enormous) topic. On the topic of sex, fooly coolying is a smaller subject as well. Any kind of random style of non-penetration sex can be called fooly coolying; fondling, giggle sex, (i dunno, some losers do that shit)anything that isn't the norm can be considered fooly coolying. Even grab ass. Foolying coolying is freaking awesome. Now get off your computer and try it yah.
"It's fondling around, fooling around, fooly coolying!!"
by Kitsune2200 September 12, 2007

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