Foobie, a compound word made up of fake, and boobies. To describe not only those wondrous silicon orbs that seem to abound everywhere these days, but any variety of artificially enhanced hooters.
"Duuude...check out those boobies." " foobies."
by Mr. Zarwid June 13, 2006
Random tufts of fuzz generally found
on a favorite article of clothing.
How did my sweater get all these foobies?
by Ana Ng November 21, 2003
The sac like growth behind the nipple area of an over weight man.
Fat Albert has foobies...he needs a "bro" not a bra!
by SAT_on the couch January 29, 2009
Dave: Foobis
Mark: Foobis
by Foobis June 15, 2021
"Foobies" is a contraction of "fake boobies".

The 'F' from 'fake' is taken and replaces the 'B' of 'boobies', resulting in: 'Foobies'.
Damn, check out the set of foobies on that doll.
by BDKGIGN July 16, 2005
fooby: du du du du du du! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!111
by dopeonarope August 29, 2006
(noun; plural)

1. "Fake" or artificially enlarged breasts.

2. The opposite of "troobies," or real breasts.
Check out the ridiculous foobies on that stripper!

Take a peek at the foobies that old man bought his trophy wife.
by Luke Hibbs August 13, 2008