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A greeting, one folk musician to another or possibly one who listens to folk music (Any kind), folk rock (Such as Hoven Droven) or folk metal (Such as Finntroll or Korpiklaani).

If someone should greet you by saying "Folk On!" You should always reply by saying "Folk You Too!"

The hand sign which should always accompany the expression is similar to the one for Metal \m/ but with only one finger held down, the ring finger. Should look something like this: \n|/
Folk musician no. 1: "Dude, how long have you been playing? You're awesome! Folk on!"

Folk Musician no. 2: Thanks dude, Folk You Too!

ex. 2
*Guy listens to Hoven Droven*
guy no. 1 (standing by): Dude, is that Hoven Droven you're listening to? Folk on, bro!
guy no. 2: Folk you too.
by madfly_straw March 09, 2011
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