A term in which means whatever you want it to mean. Also refers to a new sport that was invented by a couple of foisful men.
-I am going to go foising later
-All i ever do is fois.

-Who the fois made this word?
by Foisman47 November 15, 2010
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A human being that is angry, fat and smelly. A Foi Foi will typically have dirty red hair and will not shower for several months at a time. During this period of time he will also grow a filthy red beard accompanied by a rank, noxious stench that only cows can tolerate. Due to this fact the Foi Foi does not have any friends and finds company in the form of common farm animals. It is also a member of the Ag club.

The day to day calendar of a Foi Foi includes, mouldy-Monday, toejam-Tuesday, wankstain-Wednesday, thigh pimple-Thursday, fungus-Friday, septic-Saturday and seedy-Sundays.

I strongly suggest that you do not seek out a Foi Foi, but if you really want to they are commonly found at the agricultural plot of their local school or a nearby hobby farm.
"Look at that angry, bogan over there."

"Yeh he's a real Foi Foi"
by Doofasaurus-Rex November 17, 2012
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fuck + boy = foy (another way to say fuckboy)
p1: who's that? he's cute
p2: bitch no. he's a foy.
p1: mhm okay
by NotaYoutuber October 25, 2018
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The term used by Arsenal fans and Tottenham Hotspur haters (F O Y S = fuck off you spurs) as a contrary to the Tottenham slogan #COYS meaning “come on you spurs”
“Imagine if Arsenal had a last 16 CL game with a stonewall penalty against them not given and a mis-hit shot to go ahead #notinmylife #foys
by woodswaugh March 7, 2018
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Foy is actually a term for the smell that accumulates between a mans balls and his arsehole, as in Gringo's arse and foy smell. It is an unusual musty smell that is surprisingly hard to rid despite a decent personal hygiene regime. Often associated with physical activity and sport.
Jesus man! Ive got a terrible case of Foy!
by Valetudo March 25, 2004
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Fuck off yank. Used mainly in British internet slang when American freedom begins to cause discomfort.
American: enjoys freedom

Briton: enviously FOY
by Psycho Robot March 31, 2016
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FOY stands for: the Fountain Of Youth. A magical substance that allows one to stay young for an extended period of time and never age. They must drink or bathe in it for it to work. This legend has been around for millenniums and is still around today.
Evil old witch: I must have the FOY ! it is the only way i will be beautiful again!!
Servant: Yes master. I will search every inch of the world to find it.
Evil old witch: Cackles wickedly
by RhiRhi Got back October 23, 2015
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