A huge, indescribable, crazy, unlikely and random coincidence that usually happens within a short amount of time.
I was talking on the phone to Ally randomly about Fred, this guy I haven't seen from or heard from in years, and all of the sudden and out of the blue someone rang my bell- i went to the door-and it was Fred! What a foddy!!
by L.N. October 4, 2006
A spotty alien boy. His spots would be noticeable on his MASSIVE forehead if it wasn't for all of the make up he uses e.g. foundation and concealer, some believe he even goes as far as lipstick/gloss or even mascara. This boy ranks amongst the most famous aliens like E.T and even has a song dedicated to him:
The Song Foddy in the style of Beyonce's 'Ego'

its so wide
its too big
it wont fit
through my door
it weighed him down
to the ground
and he cannot get back up
he got a big forehead (Spotify)
such a huge forehead (spotify)
by Miss-Tell-It-Like-It-Is August 7, 2011
Danika: can i put a grape in the microwave, so it will explode?
Mikaela: No!!
by Danikard February 16, 2010
A Foddis is the name given to an individual with little or no ability to function in the majority of normal social situations.

A Foddis can also be lacking personality and taste, often wearing awful clothes.

The name is usually attributed to males with a cockney estuary English accent.
"Who was that guy standing at our table last night, complete Foddis."
by toohilaire October 5, 2011
The age when you feel like a grown man, while wearing Vans.
"I'm feeling like I'm 'bout foddy right now"
by Gunchrote September 9, 2006
A man who has caused you a lot of loss or harm in any way possible.

'Oof, you just lost a lot of progress. That's a deep frustration, a real punch in the gut'
Bloody Bennett Foddy cost me my job
by FoddyFodders January 3, 2018
Foddis is the name of a slayer with a big shlong and I mean 6 foot long like a whole third arm he is calming witty and charming with a great sense of humour
Foddis was great last night
by Spartan man 24 April 10, 2022