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A Queen. A true leader. Even though she could get bitchy sometimes, she still is very fun to hang around with. She could be a badass or bad girl at some points, but other times she just tries to make you laugh.
"Who's that badass bitch?"
"Oh, that's a Danika"
by -Queen February 09, 2015
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Danika’s are stunning and feisty and maybe even a bit bitchy if made mad. Any guy would be lucky to have a Danika in their life. Usually down to earth and real, not fake, but can be a real party animal. Typically have thin brown hair with dark brown eyes or bright blue eyes.
One: Bruh, who’s that girl over there?! She’s hotttt!
Two: That’s Danika, and she’s feisty but stunning. She’s irresistible.
by lilliangamer May 13, 2018
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Danika seems great, but is kinda secretly evil.
- that danika girl seems nice
*yeah but don't get on her bad side, she'll fuck up your life
by after melon June 30, 2018
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A very loving personality that is always there for her friends, she loves being with her friends and having a good time. She is very pretty and usually is tanned with brown or blue eyes and long thin brown hair. She is sometimes quiet but when at partys, is the opposite. She is an amazing friend, person. And she gets all the boys
Person 1 : "Look over there, its Danika"
Person 2 : " oh thats the one i met the other day, she is lovely! "
by anonymous(:1234 June 08, 2011
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-beautiful female
-hilarious female
-good friend
-Wow. she's probably the most gorgeous woman ever.
*Ya. And she's hilarious!
-Is she a good friend?
*Heck yes!
-Wow. Then she's a Danika.
by Cold Corpse September 23, 2006
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Meaning most beautiful girl on the face of the earth.

Danika is a word that means the most amazing person ever. Fun to be around, the sweetest person ever. It also means most perfect girlfriend ever.

"You see that girl over there?"
"Dude... shes freakin awesome!"
"Yeah i know man... Shes just so perfect!"
"I bet ya shes a danika."
"Foshizzle yo"
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Meaning coolest diva in school... actually the planet. She is gorgeous and hilarious and everyone wants to be her friend and her sister.

Also meaning sunshine. She brings light to the world. Without her there would be complete darkness and sadness.

Everyone should have a Danika in their life.
Julia: I saw Danika wearing army pants and flip flops... So I bought army pants and flip flops.

Johnathan: Hey I'm gonna ask out that chick over there.
Brianna: Um. She's a Danika. She's way out of your league.
by awesoooome November 23, 2010
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