Subgenre of the Asian Community

Acronym for "Fresh of the Boat". Commonly used for first generation immigrants. Applies to all, even if they did not come by boat.

Common Characteristics of a Fob:
1. Abuses free samples
2. Steals napkins
3. Speaks fobbish
4. Lifestyle coincides with the country of birth

Can also be used as a degrading term towards Asians.
Is that fob trying to eat jello with chopsticks?
by Infomaker June 29, 2003
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"Fresh off the boat" someone who acts, or speaks in a manner of a foreign country, or culture; esp.: someone with an accent

fobbish - the broken english spoken by fobs
1. Damn, what's that fob think he's doin'?
2. Dude, I can't even understand that fob
3. Listen to the fob speak, it's hilarious.

Fobbish - I can't understand what he's saying, must be speaking fobbish
by teen January 21, 2003
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The electronic device that comes attached to most new car keys which locks and unlocks the doors from a distance.
My old-ass car has electric locks, but no key fobs.
by toad in the road January 24, 2010
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In addition to an extremely racist term to describe someone who attempts to integrate into American culture despite not speaking the language and is looked down on by society for being different, it also means a keychain or lanyard.
Check out my cute new Hello Kitty fob! My friend Art sent it to me from JAPAN, yo.
by purplefeltangel March 10, 2006
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noun. Abbreviation: Fresh of the Boat. Pronounced "Fahb". A person, most often of Asian descent, so new to the country that they don't understand much of Western culture and customs. Usually indicates weak command of the English language as well.
We met some hot Japanese fobs in Arcadia the other day.
That girl's nice, but she's too much of a fob for me.
by Scott AH May 21, 2008
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A racially derogatory term used by confused Asian Americans who forgot their roots. They subconsciously think they are somehow superior because they can speak "white" language better than their native brothers and sisters. It's so ingrained in them that they think it is funny. Ever wonder why English in Asian accent sounds funny whereas European accent is considered sexy? Wake up Twinkies and Black Wannabes!
Adj. He/she sounds like a fob.

N. That fob is so goofy.
by Yi Hwang February 25, 2006
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