F.O.B. in the past translated to Fresh Off the Boat,
however, F.O.B. in 2005 translate to
Fresh Off the Bee-hang-gee (airplane in krn).
Also, the label, F.O.B. applies to the people
who has been in the foreign country for
less than 5 years.
antonym: A.B.K.(noun)(ey-bee-kay)
1) American Born Korean
2) White-washed
3) Has no ability to speak korean
you're so fob. its a compliment
by seOhee September 11, 2005
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Fob is also known as Fresh Off the Beehengi, for all of you that are korean...if you're not, beehengi is plane. I think the Fobs are the ones that made this word up because how else would you know the word beehengi if you aren't a FOB?
"dude, look at that Fob and the super bright colors that she's wearing...they don't even match!"
by anonymusanonymus September 27, 2005
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The word FOB actually stands for "Free on Board", and is a term that was used (during some time period, and may still be used) for stowaways on ships (and possibly trains as well).
There were two fobs on last night's cruise.
by Amir June 08, 2003
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A fob is a slang word used to describe people in Qatar. They tend to have a plethora of addictions like: vaping , dokha, alcoholism, etc. Mostly they are known to randomly challenge people to fights in order to gain clout. Their personality is described as morons and usually have a negative iq. Fobs are spotted in places like the pearl and lusail, and recently lagoona mall. Experts say if u play the latest song of Travis Scott on full volume fobs will be attracted like magnets. Fobs tend to like underage girls so it’s normal seeing a 19 yo dating a 12 yo old.When you come to contact with a fob make sure to watch your mouth as they can call 50 fobs for backup if they don’t like u
“Bro there are a lot of fobs here we should head out”
Bro check this fob out he’s dating a 12 yo old”
by realqatarnigga April 27, 2021
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Fob is an acronym used for fall out boy
Bandlover-I Love FOB!!

Normal person- whats FOB
Bandlover- Fall out boy

Normal person- Oh same here
by Super_Tvd January 04, 2016
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A fob is every guy in Qatar .
“Omg do you know ali he is such a fob
by immabouncethisassforarichass November 20, 2019
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To place ones fingers under the chin of an unsuspecting victim.
I'm going to fob you when you least expect it.
by Shadowzone1001 April 26, 2018
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