Fresh Off The Boat.
It is usually used for Persians who just came from Iran, or if you even came 15 years ago and you still say E-school. or gas e-station. or Dat.
Even if you still bring Ghormeh Sabzi to school everyday for lunch.
I've never heard it any other way.
"There were so many FOBs at the Arash, Siavash and DJ Aligator concert last week!"
by Choshkel Nina February 25, 2006
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stands for fresh of the boat
when the person talks slang it'd be jokes
That new immigrant is a true fob eh? When he sayz what it is like ''vut''
by Tamil Brownin December 11, 2005
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Advertiser: You wanna try our new sex products sir ?
You: FOB !
by Str187 August 20, 2007
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Guy 1 "hey man what were you doin last night?"
Guy 2"i was havin Fob"
by 444AURE April 22, 2010
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To australians FOB means 'fresh off the boat'.
Fobs include Samoan, Cook islander, Tongan, Hawaiian, Fijian
, Niuean, Rapanui, Maori.
Fobs are not offended by this term and specifically call themselves this.
"I smell coconut! Here come the fobs!"
by 2legit! October 25, 2011
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Where i come from Philadelphia we use it the cool way.
Fob's here are russian's/ ukrainians MOSTLY ukrainians, decked out in all adidas,

with mohawk's, extremley spikey hair, or buzz cut's. They have gold chain's around their neck's, and walk around blasting techno music. Saying many curse's, gotta love the fobs. And driving around with these nice ass pimped out rides. Yum. But
"blayyt suka ede nahoy"
"do i hear a fob?"
"no thats just artem"

"did you see the fob in there?"
"yeah he was mad sexy"
"i mean for my little sister"
by yobudddddddddd May 23, 2010
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