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1. n. Any member of an elite family with a line of ancestors all of whom are attributed to notable actions, events, time periods etc. Famous examples include: Daniel Boone, Both Lewis and Clark, and Moses
2. n. a name used to describe a person who demonstrates any outstanding measure of courage, integrity, intelligence, honesty, loyalty, improvisation, talent, musicianship, sexual prowess, humor, self discipline, patience, dependability, heroism, or character.
"Did you read about that guy in the paper? He rescued three babies from a burning building while simultaneously talking a suicidal woman off of a bridge. He later went on to play a show at a small local cafe that ended up attracting more people in one night than any concert in the past eleven years. After the show he announced that all of the collected ticket money would be donated to various charities. Hoards of women flung themselves at him, but he chose only one to spend his night with. Paramedics say that she would have died of sexual exhaustion had it not been for his six hour effort to save her life. She has been hospitalized for the first recorded case of chronic blissful euphoria. Can you believe this guy?"

"Of course, he's a Foarde."

by SRVlives2424 April 20, 2010
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