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A flying tiger is where you jump off a slightly elevated object near a keg, scream FLYING TIGER as loud as you can. All the people by the keg must catch you when you jump off and immediately lower you to the keg for a keg stand.
Bro, im about to do a flying tiger!

by asualldayeveryday December 11, 2008
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Any member of the United States Army Air Corps who flew for china during the Japanese invasion. This took place before the United States officially entered world war II.
The flying tigers flew over beijing and shot down all the japanese planes.
by Justin December 16, 2004
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The act of running then jumping and farting in someone’s face
While at the mall I surprised Mariarose and Danielle Carolyn by running up to them and jumping in their faces and gave them a Flying Tiger while their mouths were open
by Thor from Whitestone October 20, 2019
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A flying tiger is where the girl is lying on the bed in the missionary position. The man then climbs up a six foot ladder to the top. He then jumps off the ladder as if he’s pouncing and roars like a tiger. Landing perfectly in the woman’s vagina.
I can’t believe you successfully used the flying tiger last night.
by USNorCal November 06, 2020
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