Flushy The Toilet Monster was given life by artist Skid Lo. Flushy is a celeb toilet originally from Butte, Montana. He is best known for being the toilet on the popular television series Prison Break. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife Flushette.
Person 1: Flushy is so cool! Where can I get my own Flushy!?
Person 2: Man, you can get it from the one and only Skid Lo.
by 1interestingguy August 09, 2011
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A combination of squishy and fluffy. Commonly mistaken with fleshy or the affective nature of a toilet, flushy is an adjective often used to describe something unpleasant.
This blueberry is so flushy, I don’t want to eat it!

When I get nervous my hands get so flushy.
by the turtle that won June 16, 2020
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A person who is deeply devoted to their Japanese toilet. This attachment is deep, sensual and sometimes even erotic. Flushies many times will often wait to go, just to spend extra time with their own Japanese toilet.
My Japanese toilet was installed last week- and I am sure I am already a Flushy"
by royleelyor July 07, 2020
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Often found trawling through the Gay scene in Brighton, can often be seen in tight suits usally reserved for charity shops in the Ukraine. Often rude and bluntaments. FACT
is that Liberace or flushy?
by FCKMYLIFE August 13, 2008
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A mirrored selfie taken with vanity in a bathroom or restroom; either pre- or post flush.
Is that a flushie you just took with your smartphone?
Wait. I really have to take a flushie before going out tonight.
by GottaTakeAFlushie April 29, 2014
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a tampon cover with dried hard blood
Tom was disgusted by his girlfriends flushies, they were lying all over her room.
by Aryka April 04, 2003
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