When you're not exactly Fat, and you're not exactly Plump, you're Flump!
I need to lose some flump at the Gym.
by Cyclops Man May 08, 2018
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The act of taking an enormous dump on any type of floor. The act is usually performed when one is scared shitless and one is not able to reach a shower to take a shump.
Nessie took a flump when she failed her English exam qand could not find a shower to shump. She immediately proceeded to take of her pants, sit on the floor, and take a nice, long, warm flump.
by Nessel-Shump N' Flump August 21, 2014
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stop talking shit before you get flumped
he is so flumping
lets go flump
by the flump master November 12, 2010
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The act of collapsing onto something or someone like a sad, jiggly, shoved over serving of jello.
Person #1: I'm gonna flump on you now.
Person #2: Oh god no...
Person #1: *getting closer* I'm gonna do it
Person #2 doN'T YOU FUCKING DA-
Person #1: *flumps onto person #2) I did it.
Person #2 *flailing like an aggressive kitten* GOD FUCKING DAMNIT!!
by Zodozer September 05, 2015
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the action of farting before sex
You're about to have sex and the man/woman flump (farts)
by David Hooper-Whooper May 18, 2009
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