The confused, tongue tied and speachless state a boy falls into when the girl he's crushing on talks to him unexpectedly for the first time.
Friend: hey, did you finally talk to Heidi?

Boy: no, I saw her at lunch but I got all flummoxed.

Friend 2: I heard you were like a deer in the headlights.
by Silvertonguedwordsmith September 10, 2017
When a woman places her clitoris in a man's anus.
At 11:20 pm the DJ gave him a shout out and he was virtually flummoxed.
by Marty's Havarti Party October 31, 2020
A fucking lummox. A big oaf who annoys people when he's drunk or cracked out on adderol.
by Awesoman August 14, 2006
verb. Meaning "to ruin" or "screw up". Invented by youtuber Caddicarus.
"Don't flummox it!!"
by RedS.E.N.T.R.Y. August 15, 2018
adj. Invented by youtuber Caddicarus meaning "ruined" or, more profanely, "f*cked".
"And then they flummoxed it!!"
by RedS.E.N.T.R.Y. August 15, 2018