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An underrated DJ that makes experimental electronic music and has basically created his own sub-genre of electronic music, future bass.
Flume Fan: Have you heard flume's new album, "Skin"? He's finally getting nominated for a grammy!

Random Person: Never heard of him.
Flume Fan: Smh, so underrated.
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by therealjacobr42069 January 13, 2017
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An Australia based electronic music producer. Harley Edward Streten has now hit YouTube views of over 250 million in total. Recognizable songs like; You & Me (Flume Remix) and Tennis Court (Flume Remix), has 100 million views altogether! Harley's new album 'Skin' was nominated for the Grammy's, and 'Skin' did win "best electronic album".

Flume has also 'invented' a new type of sub-genre in electronic dance music. Mostly known as 'future bass'. Future bass is now referred in the trap community as a more relaxed version of trap.

Flume has also been apart of 'What So Not'. A project created by 'Emoh Instead' and 'Flume'. The artists had great success with songs like Jaguar, Gemini and High You Are. Harley later on left the group in 2015 and is now playing solo. Emoh is currently going solo as 'What So Not', and has won numerous awards in the sub-Reddit /r/ Trap.
Person 1: Have you heard the new album from Flume?
Person 2: Of course I have!

Person 3: What's your favorite songs from Flume?
Person 2: Mine's Ezra - Flume
Person 1: I really liked Insane feat. Moon Holiday - Flume.

Person 3: Same, that one has to be my favorite. But I like 'Never Be Like You' aswell.
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by Pharwex February 21, 2017
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A water ride found in most amusement parks, where you are inside either a boat or a log and you float down a trough.

Not as fun as a roller coaster, but you get pretty wet.
"You wanna go on the flumes? There's barely any line."
by xavier February 05, 2005
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A channel or trough used to direct gas or liquid downstream.
The gas from Dave is so potent, they need a fuel mod zone to deflect his flume.
by Jesus Andres May 27, 2008
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The last 7 inches of a human's lower intestine, terminating at the balloon knot. A derivitive of the words "fume" and possibly "flow".
Frangrant Flume: A stinky butt.
Fluming: The act of farting or crapping.
by Flay Tuss November 19, 2009
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