exclamatory word: When you don't get the power you want playing mermaids because you just talk to animals when you sister mermaid can control them like her army and her tail is glittery turquoise and yours is just orange.

(fish luck)
"FLUCK Aquifina, I wanted to control them that is what I meant when I said I talked to animals."
"Well Desani you should have been more pacific its my power and I control the weather too."
"Well why the FLUCK is your tail glittery and mine isn't"
"UUUGGGH You always complain when playing mermaids. Fine your tail can be ombre orange into pink, But with the powers you are just shit outta FLUCK."
by Desani2009 July 6, 2022
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Origin: The ancient Russian word "fluck" originated in the early 420's AD, during the Phillepe Dynasty. The duck was considered an extremely holy life form at this time, and due to the great amount of respect for these holy creatures, King Phillepe began to obsessively breed these animals inside of his enormous Russian compound. He began to notice a strange breeding pattern in which he later noted as "flucking", the extremely rare event in nature where a flock of wild ducks fuck together in an open area.

(v.) Flucking - When a flock of wild ducks fuck.
(n.) Fluck - The sight of flucking.
(v.) Flucked - When you are forced(raped) into a fluck by a duck or a flock of ducks.
(n.) Flucker - A living thing other than a duck(usually a human) that participates in flucks willingly.
"Whoaaa braaahh did you see all of that flucking going on at the pond earlier?"

"Fuck. That fucking flock of flucking ducks needs to fucking fly the fuck away and find another fucking place to fluck with other flocks of flucking ducks. Fluck me I hate flucks. Those fluckers."

"I was flucked yesterday... still picking feathers out of my ass."
by ZebraSeal May 15, 2014
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An alternative way of swearing that also pays tribute to 1950s bombshell actress Diana Dors, who's original last name was Fluck. The word is always capitalized when written to signify this.
"You've gotta be Flucking kidding me, man"

"I'm all out of Flucks to Give about this"

"Fluckin' A!"

"Who gives a Fluck?"

"There will be zero Flucks given about that, bro"
by 50sManOutofTime February 1, 2020
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Fluck means fuck, and it's the exact same word as it, too. If you aren't allowed to say 'fuck' and you don't have another fabulous word for it, you can say 'fluck' without getting in trouble.
"Well, fluck you. You don't have to be flucking rude, you motherflucker."
by fetuseminem September 23, 2014
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The fine line between flirting and fuck-buddies; not in a serious realtionship, however making out is acceptable. Anywhere between first and second base; Different from friends with benefits because they couple involved may or may not act like friends in public; to fluck, flucking, fluckers;
"So I heard Haley and Devin were fucking each other, are they friends with benefits or what?"

"Nah, they're just fluck-buddies"
by coolpeople123 June 20, 2009
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