When a 3d printer lays down a perfect first layer.
FLP = first layer porn
OMG that first layer is so porn, I'm frapping to that FLP.
by Hatfishing king December 1, 2018
An acronym, standing for Fake Login Page.

A phishing site designed to trick you into giving up your password and user. Usually looks like the original site.
OMG some n00b made an flp and thinks he's gonna get some accounts lulz
by gotxbraisn September 14, 2008
Pronounced "flup." An acronym for (F)ar (L)eft (P)edal or the Clutch of a car. Meaning to perform under pressure.
That last-second shot was totally FLP.
by Sl1m April 12, 2006
It stands for Funny Looking Pussy.
I boned this chick last night and she totally had a FLP. Her pussy lips were dragging way down and she was unshaven.
by Carl Fostberg February 19, 2008
To be caught in the act of having no pants. This is a major offense and is taken seriously by all PoPo. This is only second to FLG: Flagrant Lack of Genitals, which is to be caught in the act of having no genitalia.
" Jimmy was caught in the act of having no pants... now they're giving him a cavity probing... Poor Jimmy "
by Jimmy September 1, 2003
The King of the FLP's, the mascot of a Discord server, inspired by the Knochen Konig meme.
He took a major role in an undertale alternate universe named "Unarranged Anomalies".
FLP Konig is also a nickname that was given for a guy who used to have over 100 FLP's
Med - That guy over there has a lot of FLP's

Cas - Holy shit lad, he's the FLP Konig
by The Grandest August 25, 2018
an abbreviation meaning "fuck life penis"

essentially another version of fml aimed at the male gender.
by japanesque October 9, 2020