A socially appropriate way to say "horny". Typically used by fairly innocent people that are too embarrassed to admit that they are, in fact, horny.
"My boyfriend's kisses make me feel flowery."
"I'm getting flowery, we should probably stop."
by innocentswag March 26, 2016
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Basically means ‘gay’ but not really.

Like feminine if that makes sense.
by Suck your mum. May 4, 2020
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Short for flowerpetally.

Having the characteristics of a flowerpetal.

Usually meant for a girl.

These characteristics include: sweet, intelligent, sincere, warm-hearted, beautiful, and very lovable.

The word for a guy with these characteristics is woodchippy.
Erik: You know that new girl, Clara? I finally got to know her. She turned out to be quite flowery. I mean, she's humble but she is incredibly smart and so lovely.

Alex: Surely she can't compare to my sweetheart. Mereda is like the sun, making my dull life sparkle. She will always be in my heart.

Edward: True, Mereda is definitely flowery. But so is my biology partner, Hariette. She helps me so much, making the ever-so-difficult class seem like first grade. And yet she never accepts a compliment.
by Clarediette February 28, 2010
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While wearing a flowing are floppy skirt having the feeling of hippie like peace.
You wake up one morning you look and in your closet and see the perfect flowing purple skirt. It comes about to your knees and when you spin in circles it fans out around you. Then you look over and see the perfect grateful dead tie dye t-shirt, you put them on. Then you whistle your way to the bathroom brush your curls out grab your sun glasses and waltz out into the bright sunny day. You wander over to a daisy patch plop yourself down and begin knitting yourself a daisy crown. Once you have your crown on your head you lay back in the grass with a stouge and make pictures in the clouds. At this time you will feel in a complete relaxed state of flowery.
by TMDamis December 25, 2009
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Something that a RPG character may be acused of being when wasting time by pursuing the solution of a problem in a silly way or by talking too much.
dude1: I'm going to try and catch a squirrel, I can skin it, gut it and use its small carcass as a hat to protect me from the acid rain.
dude2: dude1, stop being so flowery and put on your helmet!
by Carnophage December 16, 2004
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A Hideous fashion crime, often worn by flamboyant queen's or those who don't quite understand the meaning of chic.
Gee Robin are you 'coming out' with that flowery shirt.


This isn't Hawaii what's with the flowery shirt.
by Gilli Kane May 29, 2008
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Small town in the middle of nowhere where there are branches with a bunch of flowers. Located just outside of Buford and Gainesville.
First Man: "Hey look over there! All those trees have a bunch of flowers on them."
Second Man: "By George, I have a name! I dub this land, 'Flowery Trees!'"
First Man: "...."
Second Man: "...What?"
First Man: "Well, it doesn't sound like a very good name...."
Second Man: "Do you have any other suggestions?"
Third Man walks up: "How about Flowery Branch?"
Second Man: "Fine, but I still get credit for naming it."
by eiffel October 15, 2008
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