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Having the characteristics of a flowerpetal.

Usually meant for a girl.

These characteristics include: sweet, intelligent, sincere, warm-hearted, beautiful, and very lovable.

The word for a guy with these characteristics is woodchippy.
Erik: You know that new girl, Clara? I finally got to know her. She turned out to be quite flowerpetally. I mean, she's humble but she is incredibly smart and so lovely.

Alex: Surely she can't compare to my sweetheart. Mereda is like the sun, making my dull life sparkle. She will always be in my heart.

Edward: True, Mereda is definitely flowerpetally. But so is my biology partner, Hariette. She helps me so much, making the ever-so-difficult class seem like first grade. And yet she never accepts a compliment.
by Clarediette February 26, 2010
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